The 4 Main Parks


West Park, South Park, East Park, North Park

Public Interests


Annual Visits


Cost Overall



Goole Town Council


Underground Cellar Makers, Illuminati, Dutch Mafia, Russian Mafia, Various Small Businesses.


Goole Police, YMCA, Aldor Gometitz, The Ullec Family


The Parks, Wessie/Southie/Northerm/River Bank

there are four main parks in Goole district, each of these parks are formally named after the compass opints North, East, South and West. Below is a list of the parks and their descriptions

The Four ParksEdit

North Park North Park the smallest of the parks and is located on the corner of Centenery Road/Rawcliffe Road
East Park East Park is located in Hook Road and hosts lots of classic childrens park apparatus, this park is the least dangerous for people.
South Park South Park is located at the south end of Old Goole, it is the second largest of all of the parks in Goole District.
West Park West Park is located in the West area of Goole, and is in the Educational District, West park is one of the largest parks in East Yorkshire and is the largest in Goole.
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